The Origin of Creation pt 1

I was recently asked to reflect upon my creative process and describe how it has evolved. When I first thought about this, I wasn’t sure how to even begin. I knew it wasn’t intuition, instinct, or raw talent that guided my art, that it was years of learning, practice and perfecting upon craft that lead me to this point. Aside from that, I had nothing. I wasn’t sure what my process was or how it happened. Over the following week I started being conscious of how new pieces came about and realized a few key factors, in no particular order, that have helped to shape my practice and eventually came to understand what my practice is and how I create art. This was a great exploration for me to become aware of how I work so that I may better understand myself and my art. Read more

SLC Gallery Stroll

Are you free this Friday? I hope so! If you happen to be free and are looking for something to do, come check out my work that will be hanging as part of the monthly Salt Lake Gallery Show. Read more


I’m going to be one of the 50 artists who will be painting live at Fe5tival, an interactive arts event and fundraiser for the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation, this Saturday. The event will run from 4:00-8:00 PM at the Ogden Amphitheater (2484 Washington Blvd, Ogden, Utah). All pieces created that night will be available for auction. You should drop by to support this fantastic foundation and to enjoy events, music, and artwork. Check out the Fe5tival event page for more information: