Plans for 2016

Information on the artists mentioned in the video:

Will Terry’s Website:
Will Terry’s YouTube Videos (Priceless information there!):

Chris Oatley’s Website (with links to podcasts and tutorials along the top):

Inspirational Artist: Lenka Simeckova

Lenka Simeckova is an artist I discovered when I was most frustrated with my style. I knew I was missing something but wasn’t sure what it was. As I was surfing through Facebook I found her page and immediately fell in love with her work and regained a passion for creating art once more.  Read more

Inspirational Artist: Rovina Cai

This week my post will be  Rovina Cai. Rovina is a relatively new artist discovery for me and one that has been absolutely wonderful. Her art has reminded me of why I fell in love with illustration and creating art in the first place. Her use of lines and mark making allow the stories she illustrates to vibrate with life. Read more

Inspirational Artist: Wenqing Yan

Another artist that has been a huge inspiration for my work, especially as of late, is Wenqing Yan. I’ve been following Wenging for years as well. Her individual art pieces were stunning but it was her comics and illustrated stories were what really caught my eye. I followed her art through her comics 1000 words, Knight, and now Fisheye Placebo. Read more