Eating Disorder Studies

2013 BFA Thesis work at Weber State University

While researching the topic of eating disorders I discovered that there are few sources, if any, that simultaneously explore multiple perspectives of this issue and bring them together meaningfully. With the internet becoming more and more influential in the dialog about and perpetuation of eating disorders, I have chosen to structure my artwork to reflect the complexity and confusion found there, using a variety of styles and mediums in order to embody the societal, psychological, and physical issues of eating disorders.  

These diverse representations of pain, loathing, fear, insecurity, and depression speak of the desire to disappear and to the physical frailty of the body. Some pieces deal directly with the medical implications of these disorders. Others reference “thinspirational” images found on social media sites. Post-it notes, medical articles, and blog excerpts placed in the piece mimic the competing voices addressing the problem.

The pieces in this study contrast with one another, as well as relate to each other. The styles conflict while the subjects seem to converse one with another. One image may be glamorize “thinspirational” images while another provides a shocking reality of the physical aftermath of eating disorders. This contrast is exactly what is found not only on the internet but in the eating disorder community itself.