Lessons on Failure

I use to be petrified of failure. So much so that when choices would come up I would refuse to make a move. I would just sit, waiting for a choice to be forced on me so that I wouldn’t make the wrong choice or choose an “OK” option while surpassing the better choice. Learning to overcome this fear is important for forward progression both in life and with art. Read more

Defense Against the Dark Arts

People who know me in real life are often thrown off when they see my art for the first time. In real life I’m (generally) a positive and happy person. I often talk about unicorns and rainbows, though usually sarcastically, and my cat (seriously though, Regina is fantastic). I watch a lot of Sci Fi and am generally seen as a mixture of bubbly and geeky. My art rarely reflect this.

Words used to describe my art in the past have consisted of words such as “dark,” “creepy,” “weird,” or (my favorite) “demented.” Nicer descriptions are almost always limited to the use of a single word: “interesting.” This apparent clash of personality vs art has lead to a lot of conversations about my artwork, specifically why I make dark art.  Read more

Doubt and Drive

Earlier in April an artist that I follow posted a message about the creative process, dealing with feelings of doubt, and the overwhelming drive to create art on his Facebook profile. I was surprised to read through it and realize that every word of his post mirrored my own thoughts and experiences.

 In hindsight, I realize that I shouldn’t have been so shocked. Read more